The Grim Repear is the former being in charge of death itself. He resides in the Death Dimension.  


The Grim Reaper was created 12 trillion years ago by God,and given a pocket dimension called the "Death Dimension". to live in when not on duty. He was in charge of making sure beings in Z-14 die properly. Unfortunately he was really terrible at his job,and God only paid him in pennies and bones every five thousand years.

Also the only life in Z-14 were simple microbial lifeforms, so his job was extremely boring and often difficult. Eventually he decided to quit, God never noticed however. Also life in the Z-14 universe could die on its own,so he was never really needed in the first place. 

Ever since then he just traveled the Multiverse and hung out with former heralds of God. He usually stays in the Death Dimension in his house.

Also at one point in time he made a deal with Lurk to revive him and make him unable to have his soul owned by any supernatural being. In exchange,Grim wanted Lurks Pretty Pony Pegasus Princess DVDs and his Cosmic Video Store membership. Lurk fulfilled his end of the bargain but it was revealed that Lurk was supposed to return his dvds to the cosmic video store 2 irken years ago. This caused Grim to be cursed with five thousand years of dvd rental bills. 


The Grim Reaper usually tries to appear tough and scary to mortals,but usually ends up failing spectacularly at it. Despite this he has many supernatural friends across the Multiverse, and is even friends with Satan. 

Grim can be quite forgetful at times and not very good at planning ahead. He also has a somewhat bad temper. Despite this Grim has a secret soft side and enjoys watching soap operas and girly movies.


Grim is a 4 foot tall human Skeleton that wears a grey hooded cloak. His skull is very large for his body and he somewhat resembles the skeleton of a child. He has no lower jaw or legs of any kind, because of this he usually hovers above the ground. He is usually seen carrying his scythe.


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