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Grib is an Irken Elite who lives in an apartment across from Invader DlareDlare's. He constantly calls upon DlareDlare for help and such, and often sneaks into his apartment.


Grib is highly energetic and sort of a whack-job. He often does really weird acts which would make some people believe that he belongs in an insane asylum, and he does. The empire's just not concerned with it. He is known to hate the way certain businesses work, and is often thought to be a murderer.


Grib is 5'8, has red eyes, jagged antennae, dark circles around his eyes, and his casual clothing is a grey shirt with funny looking patterns on it, orange pants for some reason, white gloves and white boots.

Facts of Doom[]

  • Grib is based off Kramer from Seinfeld.
  • Grib constantly ends up in life-threatening situations which he usually somehow gets out of easily.
  • Grib has a SIR Unit he built out of stuff that flew in through his window. He simply calls him Trash, and did a horrible job building him.