Graf calc

Graf's Calculatons

Graf is an Irken Mathematician under the service of Invader Vex. While Vex is definitely able to do even the most advanced of mathematics, certain equations and algorithms require time that Vex cannot afford to spend doing math. Graf is the best mathematician in the Irken Empire, and is a great asset to Vex.


Graf is older than most Irkens in service of an Invader, and has rings under his eyes. He is slightly taller than most Irkens, and has short antenna with incredibly long tips. He wears a scientists cloak with no face mask, a data transmission antenna, and a data calculations line from his PAK to his brain. He has purple eyes and PAK spots.


Graf's PAK's personality circuits were fried on Planet Vort when a giant blob of energy destroyed the laboratory he was working in. For this reason, Graf has no personality whatsoever. He only speaks facts. However, Graf seems to show his equivalent of kindness towards Vex and the rest of Vex's crew in Invader Vex's Laboratory.


Graf's lack of emotion diagnoses relationships differently than others.

Invader Vex- Vex is Graf's seemingly caring employer and a prestigious Invader and Scientist.

Invader Vax- Vax is one of Vex's closest friends, and a prestigious Scientist.

Plixx- Plixx works alongside Graf in Invader Vex's Laboratory.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • Graf's antenna are a parody of Dib's hair.
  • Graf occasionally does show the slightest bit of friendliness towards Vex.
  • Graf's legs are longer than the normal Irken's.
  • Graf's PAK only has two spots on it.
  • The injury that destroyed Graf's personality processor is rumored to have been an assassination attempt on Graf, although there is no true proof.
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