Gorika, the planet that Invader Zai was sent to conquer.

Gorika is a planet mostly covered with three big islands. (The other island is on the backside, not shown by the picture.) It has a ring of frozen blue goo around it and has two moons.

On planet Gorika, there is tons of the precious resource Jook. Jook is very rare in other parts of the galaxy, because it can only form in very specific conditions. Jook is very strong, yet very soft and flexible. It's near impossible to break Jook. It makes an excellent material for building weapons, and the Irken Empire wants to conquer the planet for its massive supplies of Jook.

The Goriks are the main creatures who occupy Gorika. Goriks are mostly peaceful creatures that only fight when attacked. Their sharp teeth are good for biting as self defense. They have underwater cities, and spend most of their lives underwater. The supply-gatherers are sent on land with a hovering device to gather supplies. They have tenticles which are useless on land without a hovering device, but make them excellent swimmers in the water. Their skin color is blue to blend in with the ocean color, so predetetors won't see them. They communicate using their antennae.

Invader Zai has escaped Earth and is now in the beginning stages of conquering it.

what is known about the counquest of this planet is that toxicants have been dropped in the planet's oceans in order to force the goriks to the surface for enslavement for help to extract the planets jook supply and send it to Irk for engineering future indesructible weapons for the Irken military .


Example of a Gorik.

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