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[[Category:Non-Irken Species]]
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The Glorgg beast is a carnviorus,horned panda like creature with saber tooth fangs. 


The Glorgg Beast looks similar to a panda,but is twice the size of one. It has two,curved,yellow horns on it's head,and spikes that run down it's back. It also has saber tooth fangs and black,pupiless eyes. It usually keeps it's mouth closed. Although,when angry,it's mouth will split in two revealing tons of sharp mandibles,three yellow segmented tounges,acidic spit,and sharp teeth. It's spikes will also extend when angry,and it's arms will extend revealing hidden pale yellow claws. 


  • It is based off the real life "Never say No to the Panda" commercials,that featured an agressive panda angrily knocking people's stuff over.
  • When not angry,it seems to be very smart. It forms detailed plans to capture and torture it's prey,and seems almost sentient. 
  • A male named Floofy appeared in HOBO 13 is HOBO 13.
  • They are exported to Hobo 13 to be in training courses,their homeworld is unknown. 
  • They often eat hobo 13 trainees alive. 
  • When angry,they emit a howling high pitched screech,along with a loud hissing roar. 
  • They use their mandibles to make clicking,squeaking mating calls. 
  • It's eyes are shineless,black,and reflective,because of this,glorrgs are described "to have no souls".
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