Fury is Vira's SIR Unit.


When Vira was sent to kill Zim, she requested for an assistant. She designed Fury herself, but she was built by Vortian scientists. She goes with Vira on all of her missions, and has been very helpful over the years.


Fury is very similar to Vira in personality. She is almost entirely heartless, and loves killing alongside Vira.


Fury is very big for a SIR Unit. She has black metal and red eyes. She also has pink-red strips running from her forehead to her eyes and her chin to her eyes. She has a long, spiked antenna with a small grasper on the end.


Vira- Fury looks up to Vira, and loves having her as a master. She enjoys going with her on missions.

Invader Ark- Fury likes Ark, but doesn't want to be around her very often. She thinks Ark may be a threat to Vira even though the two Irkens are very close.

AIR- Fury and AIR are best friends.

GIR- Fury is slightly afraid that GIR's unpredictable behavior might cause her and Vira problems with their mission.

Comatose- Fury respects Comatose, but feels the same way about her as she does with Ark.

SO- Fury likes SO, and enjoys helping her and Comatose with projects.

Zim- Fury thinks Zim is an imbecile, and can't wait for Vira to kill him.


  • Unlike most SIR Units, Fury's name doesn't stand for anything.
  • Fury has never spoken a word to anyone except the people above.


"You want me to kill this innocent, unarmed Irken? With pleasure!"

"Zim... Yes, I have heard of him. He's a moron!"

"Do not speak to me, peasant."

"And you call yourself a SIR Unit! You make a better excuse for a garbage can!"

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