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"I have been stuck for many years in the Forgotten Chamber. Just waiting for a squad to come rescue me. But I know none will come, for I am forgotten. In fact, just yesterday, a tall man came in here and said to me, 'You're a forgotten nothing, Fudgie. You know what you are? The Irken that Time Forgot, that's what you are.' And then he left. And it's true; I'm a forgotten nothing." -Fudgie  

Fudgie is an Irken who lives in the Forgotten Chamber, a secret chamber located deep below the surface of Irk.  


Fudgie was an Irken born with a strange, defective condition which gave him two large fangs. He was of an extremely rare group of people called "immortals". As an immortal, he could still die, just not of aging. He was trained as a soldier, and during a battle in the sky of Irk, his ship was shot down, and he was pulled down into the Forgotten Chamber by a strange creature. He has been there ever since.