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Information Edit

Miklek is technically the brother of Invader Daxlek (due to being born in the same batch of Smeets) who works as a Fry-Lord at Glorghvorm's Swallow Junk over on the planet Foodcourtia.

Appearance Edit

He wears a ragged brown coat, has a large beard and buck teeth (Unlike most Irkens who cannot even grow hair at all) a large bandaid on his forehead, and round, dark eyes.

Career Edit

He is considered a Fry-Lord, even though he has a lower pay than anyone at his current workplace, and gives orders to those at the counter, and sometimes will cook food when workers are on vacation, fired, or just not there.


He's not very generous at all, at is just about as hideous as the ugliest Irken on the planet. He tends to criticize anything someone likes or enjoys, and when Daxlek comes up with theories such as how a black hole can turn into a bowl of nachos (no matter how stupid it sounds, he can do it somehow...) he calls it ridiculous.

Family Edit

His only family is his brother, Invader Daxlek. Although they do not tend to speak to eachother often, they live right nextdoor to eachother, being his lab is next to Miklek's small Irken apartment.

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