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Frenge is one of the three people chosen by the Four Sages to be Immortals.


Frenge was one of Krenzo's friends. He was chosen to be an Immortal by the Four Sages along with Krenzo, Verigon, and later Almighty Tallest Blue. He became an archeologist on Planet Mushroomia. He married a girl from Planet Ordimentia named Mimi. He found three gems. One was red, one was blue, and one was white. He decided to give the blue one to a friend of his from Planet Ordimentia named Bleck, he gave the white one to his mother, Healia, and was going to give the red one to his beloved Mimi. But he felt greed inside him that forced him to keep the red one to himself. He was starting to figure out that there was something evil inside the gem. He did some research on it. He found out that the three gems represented creatures that were corrupted by an unkown creature known as "Dusq". The blue one represented a creature known as the Great Divower. The white one represented a creature known as the Ender Dragon. And the red one represented a creature known as Giygas. He was later fully corrupted. He went and worked for his mother who was also corrupted. He is now hiding.


Frenge is small, and always wears a red robe and a hood. He always has his face hidden, but he does have glasses.