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Foodcourtia is a planet owned by the Irken Empire. Its surface is covered with a nearly endless amount of restaurants, each of which are owned by a different Irken Frylord.






Food court planet

Notable Facts

Place where Zim worked as punishment for almost destroying Irk.


Foodcourtia is, as its name suggests, is designated as a food court. Though hundreds of restaurants exist on the planet, only the land around the equator of the planet is habitable. Countless species visit Foodcourtia, and some even live in underground apartments that can be purchased with a recommendation from a Frylord. Members of The Resisty have been seen on Foodcourtia, as it is easy to lose a trail in a place like Foodcourtia.

Irkens who have broken the law are sent to Foodcourtia as punishment. Zim was banished to Foodcourtia for life after destroying Irk, and Knox was sent there and escaped after the Empire's discovery of his illegal experiments.

List of known Restaurants []

Grub Demon 

Tower of Shlump 

Dunkz' Donuts

Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster 

Jinkz' Groovey Grub

Weenie Bin

Dunkz' Donuts on Foodcourtia.