The Fast Food Realms are 12 conjoined dimensions, containing gigantic floating islands made of nothing but junk food.

This dimension has five mystical golden potatoes,that can grant anyone who finds them "ultmate powr"(The ultimate power is actually an infinetely regrenerating can of compressed bread.)

This dimension is inhabitated by anthromorphic food.


  • This dimension concidentally works like a horrible cliche story.
  • Strangely,any sentient being here can be a few inches from an explosion and be completely unharmed. 
  • The inhabitants are known to be extremely annoying and extremely stupid.
  • This place is constantly terrorized by a horrible,evil giant twinky that has unexplained magical fire abilities.
  • The twinky has horrible grammar and a high pitched annoying voice.
  • Hidden in this universe, rests the Flying Spahgetti Monster, a being sealed in this world for 4 trillion years for unknown reasons. It is said it will awake when the Fast Food Realm needs it most. Also propechy foretells it one day awakening "on the 8th day of some year that has an 8 in it", to do battle with an evil being made entirely of poorly cooked Ramen. 
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