Irken Empire Wiki

In one scene it shows Karen and Silver running away for the massive also when they get near their voot cruisers karen went insane and torn off most of her antennae and threw it on the floor and they were heading to earth. the other scene shows Zim and Tak working together on a giant machine to destroy Dib, but before Zim could press the button they both saw something (karen and silver's voot cruisers) fall out of the sky. They head to the forest and saw the cruiser. As they were cautiosly going to the cruiser Karen bang her head on the glass and broke out. Silver got out and saw Zim and Tak so she called Karen. After they all meet each other. Dib destroyed the machine but suprising they didn't care. Karen and Silver were talking about the training, war, battles, and plans they went threw also Silver blurted out about why they sent Zim to earth and he got angry about the tallest for doing that. Then it was going to be moring they said bye to each other.

TO BE CONTINUED.............

Karen:yo, kazu can we stay at your plcae

Kazu:sure thing

Silver:how are we going to blend in the earth-lings

Nad:just put on a human disguse


Zim:GIR come here!!!!!!!!

GIR:yes master.........

Zim:Tak needs you to go spy on the Dib monkey

GIR:okey dokey

Tak:its been 5 earth years ever since i saw Dib

GIR comes in with both Dib and Gaz but she is acutally following GIR to see Dib's demise

Gaz:can you destroy him ever since that little experiment(she looks at her back and she sees the PAK was still on her)

Dib:no you will never destroy me!!!!!!!!

Karen, Silver, Nad, Kazu, Critter (not a irken but another alien), Ashley (a na'vi), Crystal (a xenomorph), and Shelia (a vortian) came into the lab with big grins and vicous looks on their faces.

Ashley: Well well well ain't you here at tha wrung time Dib.

Shelia: Dib meet your doom!

Silver looked sad because she liked Dib

Nad: This is going to be fun


Critter: Shall we sir

Zim: of course

Crystal growled and started to attack Dib

Karen: Good girl get him


Then a massive vibration happened and outside was a giant robot

Karen:Holy mother of crap

Silver:What tha hell is that thing?!

Then Louie pops up with some people but before they could see they put on their human disguses

Louie:Well ain't it mister failuer also ........ Wahhhh!!!!!

Karen grabbed Louie by her mouth and started to run around

Louie is dangling in her jaws until Silver had him in her jaws

Louie:put me down!!!! Silver:nope*throws him in the air then he falls on Dib*