It starts when a new Video game called 6string game comes to the market and is addictive. Later..

Interior: Zim's Living Room

GIR comes in with a 6string game copy.

Gir fails but Zim tries and he wins, and Gaz picks up the game and tries to make Dib "normal". However, it works!

Later... Zim finds out that he can play with other people so he creates a screen name (normalkid1294) and Dib creates a screen name too (iusedtobelieveinaliens13234) and they end up playing eachother.

Weeks later....

Zim and Dib play CO-OP 6string game and they become friends. Gir now destroys their copies of 6string game and brings in a new game called BAND BAM! Zim and Dib quickly start playing with Gir, Torque Smacky, and Keef.

BAND POSITIONS: Zim on lead guitar, Dib on bass, Torque on Drums, Gir is singing and Keef is pianist.

They take number 1 on leaderboards.


They now make their own songs in a real band. (Strong Robotic Aliens) SRA for short.

They are famous now and have forgotten all about fighting.


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