Part One: The EnergyEdit

Invader Lee searched for months for a perfect battery. Finally, on June 26th, he found it. While venturing through a military base, he found a top secret model of a man. He did research, and learned that if built, it could power all of the solar system with light and plumbing and etc.. So Lee stole the model and experimented with it. He finally completed the robot and connected it to his ultra-cannon. He powered it up and aimed at the Armada.

Part Two: The ArmadaEdit

The Massive located high energy coming from Earth. They examined it and found a super power source. The Tallests demanded the Armada to retrieve it and, finally, it gave in. Meanwhile, Lee charged up his cannon and planned his launch to the ship. He had an upgraded version of the front of the Massive he had been working on, too. He jumped in with EIR and took off. He set the cannon to launch when finished charging. The Armada made progress. It got closer and prepared its weapons, while Lee turned a cloaking device on the ship and him. The cannon finished charging and shot a large plasma ball towards the Massive. The Tallests noticed it and ordered a retreat. But the plasma passed them and began to shrink. Lee shot a laser at it so it went back to the Massive. It took out various ships and broke the Massive's window. The small plasma ball hit Tallest Purple and launched him to the back of the Massive with little damage.

Part Three: The escapeEdit

Lee was in trouble. The plan had failed and now he had to take measures into his own hands. He charged a laser and shot into the Massive. It made a large hole, but did no critical damage. The Armada had spotted him and were now after him. Lee took off at full speed and crashed through the atmosphere, closely followed by enemy ships. He abandoned his ship and got into a pod with EIR and shot to his base in a cave. He was safe, but feared about what would become of the Massive front.


The Massive was fixed and the front that Lee made had been thought of as ghastly plains-the invisible legendary wall-by the humans.

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