Fall of the Irken Empire
General Information
Time it happened


Characters Invovled

Invader Meen, Nightmare Meen, Invader A

Where It Took Place



Months after the Massive Offensive, The Resisty decided to attack Irk, and overthrow the Irken Empire.

The Surprise AttackEdit

The Resisty gathered enough people to launch a suprise attack on Irk. The Massive was not in the system at the time. Only a small group of transports survived the attack.

The Last HopeEdit

Fortunatly, the Irken Empire had another trick up its sleeve, the SCC-Titan Prime. It was a ship that was designed to hold all of the Irken Empire, and more. The fragments of the Irken Empire were gathered up and stored in the ship. Everyone was put in cryogenic tubes.

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