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FLARE is an experimental STARE Unit that has been equipped with new technology found only in a few other SIR Units including STARE and VIR- Vex's SIR unit. FLARE is owned by Commander Rees and her legion, and she was invented and produced in a limited run made by Invader Vex.


FLARE looks like a normal STARE Unit save for her turquoise details, single piece legs for added support while fighting, and her two huge cannon arms powered by a rare fourth dimensional substance discovered by Vex known by its mathematical term as Tesseract. These cannons can either shoot the deadly Tesseract or be used as flamethrowers. The ends of FLARE's legs end in small claws in order to maintain stability.


FLARE has been programmed like a soldier. She does not question orders, nor does she argue with superiors. Nevertheless, standard STARE Unit protocols allow her to make decisions that contradict these orders if necessary. She enjoys the killing of enemies, and relishes the recognition that comes with a mission completed well. She realizes that as a non living part of Rees's team, she is often treated with less regard for well being, but FLARE has a motivator that can turn on and off at the command of FLARE's Central Processing Unit, letting her slip into a dreamlike state. This helps when she is feeling bored.


FLARE is equipped with all of the standard STARE Unit features, save for the radar scrambling software in favor of a cycling and storage unit for the Tesseract ammunition used in her cannon arms. This includes the nanobot tentacles, transmission scramblers, and other advanced features. The most prominent weapons are obviously FLARE's cannons, powered by powerful Tesseract. These have a small battery of missiles, a flamethrower, and different settings for the cannons themselves concerning strength and the size of the beam. FLARE's legs are not as complex as standard STARE Unit legs, but they use a real joint and leg rather than the repulsor controlled "feet" of normal STARE Units. This is for stability in combat rather than stealth as well as increased speed and agility. FLARE was designed for destruction, and she is quite good at it.