FENNY Units are a SIR Unit spinoff designed by Irken Scientist Vax.

History Edit

FENNY Units started out as just one SIR Vax made for himself. Its name was JIR. Vax later designed more FENNY Units, and got permission for them to be distributed. Vax gave them to some people as gifts, and gave each one something special which distinguishes them from each other. He also made some extra ones and sent them to people who only he knew anything about.

Appearance Edit

FENNY Units have hexagon-shaped eyes, three fingers on each hand, an octagon-shaped chestpeice, are the regular SIR Unit height, and have three antennae.

Facts of Doom Edit

  • FENNY Units are named after a character from a book.
  • FENNY does not stand for anything.
  • Aside from standard SIR Unit weapons, FENNY Units have head drills, hand lasers, plasma saws, a plasma rocket launcher, and each one has its own special ability.
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