How do I become an Administrator?Edit

There are many different ways. Currently, only Invader Meen or Invader Plazatrax can give you administrative rights. To be eligible for administrative rights you must:

-Earn the Almighty Tallest badge (make 250 edits on pages WITHOUT violating the Invader Code of Conduct)

-Contribute to the wiki (earn the Evidence! and Soldier badge)

-Show you care (Be nice to other Invaders, earn the 1st Key of Spider badge)

-Ask for Chat Moderator status to see if you can manage a certain level of responsibility.

-And promise you won't abuse your admin or chat moderator rights!

If you find yourself eligible for administrative rights, contact Invader Meen or Invader Plazatrax with a request for adminstrative rights. The majority of active adminstrators (with the exception of users that only carry Chat Moderator privileges, though they may be used to resolve a stalemate) must come to an agreement on granting you administrative powers.  This means that even if an administrator with the authority to grant administrative rights agrees with a promotion to administrator rank, 51% or more of the active administrators must also give their consent.

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