"Sorry,not that I don't enjoy your company,but I must follow protocol. I am incapable of disobeying orders,so now you must be terminated. Don't worry,I'm sure you'll be happier being nonexistant!" Edit

FA-THR-226 is an artficial intelligence created to help MOTHR-301 manage Orphanage Z-3X6. He seems to be less insane then MOTHER-301,but is still unstable nonetheless. He is also programmed to follow MOTHR-301's orders. 



FA-THR-226 seems to be quite upbeat and speaks in a happy,cheerful voice. Unfortunately,he does not understand the emotions of sentient beings very well,making him confuse certain emotions for others. 

Also,FA-THR-226 seems to have violent mood swings at random. He seems to suffer from glitches,causing him to twitch randomly at times or accidentally bump into solid objects. He can also be oblivious at times,unfortunately this causes him to accidentally kill other lifeforms without noticing. 




  • FA-THR-226 has trouble detecting life signals,making him sometimes mistake the living things to be dead,and vice versa. 
  • FA-THR-226 seems to be somewhat intimidated by MOTHR,making him usually follow her orders without question. 
  • His real "face" has one single blue eye with a square shaped pupil,however he prefers to use his holographic face the most.
  • FA-THR-226 can create a blue hologram of a simple 8 bit face,and often uses this when talking to others and showing emotions. 
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