Explodions:The Movie is a film series centered around sentient,transforming explosions. It was originally a line of toys,that became an animated series,that became an animated film series,that was rebooted. Although,then it became a line of toys based on a new,rebooted series of movie series and animated TV shows. 


The Explodion films center around a race of sentient,shapeshifting explosions from the galaxy of "Explodium",a galaxy made of explosive materials. They entered a destructive,horrible war over a resource on their planet,known as "Phlebotinum". The lifeblood of all Explodium beings. Eventually,they ran out of Phlebotinum because of their endless consumption of it. Eventually,they had to leave the Explodium galaxy,and head toward the Milky Way galaxy. Their species was split into 3 factions,the "Dynacins","Splode-o-trons",and the "Combustions". Their war continued,but this time for another reason,to find a legendary,ancient machine created by an alien race that has long since been extinct,the "Macguffionin". The Macguffionin is an all powerful,rubix cube-esque device that if used,can create an infinete amount of Phlebotinum. 


  • Explodions:The Movie:THE MOVIE (First Film)
  • Explodions:The Movie:The Sequel:The Revenge Of Ka-Blewie 
  • Explodions:The Movie:The Third Film:Colon Cancer:Dank Side of the Nebula
  • Explodions:The Movie:The Fourth film/Reboot/Sequel:Era of Extinction
  • Explodions:The Movie:The Fith Film:Other Stuff:Return of KA-BANG!
  • Explodions:The Movie:The Sixth Film:Empire of BOOM!
  • Explodions:The Movie:The Seventh film:The Sun Burst of DOOM:More explosions!
  • Explodions:The Movie:The Final Chapter:The Nuclear Explosion from Planet Plot Device
  • Explodions:The Movie:The Reboot:The New Beginning


  • The Explodion movies are a parody of the Transformers Film franchise.
  • The Explodions are a sentient race of explosions that can shapeshift into anything. It is never explained how or why. 
  • Darrz is a huge fan of the films.
  • The opening credits of the fith film has a quote that says "Yes,we made another one" ,that appears on the screen 25 times.
  • The Film series is very popular across the galaxy,and has its own merchandise and brand of toys. 
  • The studio for the film is located somewhere on Planet Noreefundium.
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