Expanding Doom Jelly is an experimental infinite source of food gone wrong.

​Appearance/ AbilitiesEdit

Expanding Doom Jelly is a gelatinous, and sometimes transparent, substance that relies upon a fusion reaction of some sort to multiply. It is entirely edible, but poses a problem because nobody knows how to stop it from expanding. It seems to react to emotions and shrivels up when it touches enough salt.  Nobody knows who invented it, but LIR keeps some in a jar, in case of food emergencies. There are different kinds of it, with colors that depict it's type. Yellow is the most stable form of it, which can be activated and deactivated with a slight electric shock. Blue is the most electric form of it. It slides through small spaces easily, all the while generating millions of volts of electricity, which can arc over to anyone daring to approach it. Red is extremely dangerous, burning everything that is flammable, and must first be doused with water. Reflective, or shiny like a mirror, means that any energy-based attack such as lasers is redirected at the firer, and is also very magnetic. Black has no special abilities except for expanding. Green Expanding Doom Jelly overrides the brains of nearby living things, forcing them to grab anyone else out of range, walk to it, and jump into it, where they are consumed by the jelly. Green cannot grow without consuming enough living things. Symptoms of liiving things under effect of the Green Jelly include laughing continuously like a child, as well as singing songs. Strangely,  Expanding Doom Jelly will not expand or perfom it's special effects in a sealed jar of any kind.

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