Eveona Debabaheart is a vampire and a very proud one at that. Her will power, as well as her mind, strength, and looks are that of above an average girl. It started in 1505; Eve was a 14 year old servant girl who was sold to a noble man from Spain who was currently in America, helping the king move his land to the north of Mexico. She finally reached the Americas and was immediately sent to work.

One night, almost 2 months after arrival, Eve was sent to put away horses in the stable, that’s when things went wrong...let’s just say...when they found the body... there were two [bug bites] on her neck. 2250, Eve is now a part of a rather large clan of vampire's called "The Black Clan" whose leader (or Head) is a Romanian vampire named Victor. Although she constantly disobeys orders, Victor considers Eve to be a capable leader, and a loyal member to the clan. After spending centuries living in castle on a lake, Eve, like every other vampire, thought that it was home.

She has a history with William and it is claimed to have loved him like a brother. She has asked him multiple times to join the Black Clan, but each time he has denied. She too has been involved in WWI and WWII. Dib has been seen to have a crush on her. She has blonde hair and red eyes. It has been rumored that she once lived with a witch for 30 years, and thus has knowledge of the magical arts. She is a general on Mepprob.

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