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The Euclidean Convergence, or the "Euclidean" , is a strange highly advanced structure located in uncharted space. It is described to look like a perfectly smooth geometric shape. It is said to "teleport" randomly for unknown reasons,thus no one has ever come in direct contact with it. It is said to be only unlocked by an advanced key called the I N G R E S S.


The Euclidean is a gigantic,constantly shapeshifting geometric structure. It is about the size of a small planetoid. 

It is made up of large metallic catacombs and strange,sharp geometric structures. Due to it's constant shapeshifting,it's layout never stays the same. No one has ever ventured to its center and survived.  

It is said that it is known to create temporary space-time anomolies near it. It is theorized that the further someone ventures inside it,the more frequent and chaotic the anomolies become. 


It is said that the Euclidean is the center of all magic and supernatural forces in the universe. Rumors also say that a legendary key leads to the homeworld of the "Gods". If it were ever to be destroyed, all magic in the universe would cease to function. 

In less popular theories,it is said that there is a machine hidden inside it that can give anyone the power to to warp reality itself, and travel to any dimension they please.

Trivia Of Doom[]

  • The number of anomolies increases deeper inside it.
  • It is said to have existed since the beginning of life in the universe. 
  • Schmoob has claimed to have seen it once while spaceshopping at the space convience store while in space. However LIR doubts Schmoob and thinks it was just a "normal space object that floats around n space that you would normally find IN SPACE!".