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Emrak is the seventh KRONOS unit made by Invader Plazatrax.


Emrak is the same as a standard KRONOS unit, but has a frown painted on its face and a broken right eye. The left eye is a dark crimson. Its antenna are short with long drooping tips hanging on either side of its head. a large hallow blade-like device can replace its arms.


Emrak is a strange creature. It contains the PAK data of countless Irkens. It will have random snaps of personality swings. It tends to remain in an "unfeeling" mood most of the time however.

PAK Downloader[]

Emrak is in possession of technology usually reserved for hatcheries to store PAK data. It uses this data to download the PAK data of all Irkens It meets, and then makes that data part of itself. The more Irkens it kills the more intelligent, dangerous, and unstable it becomes.


  • Built a base on the planet Pluto, thus technically conquering it.