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Empress Talissa is one of the ancient Irken leaders. She is not well known among most Irkens. Contrary to popular belief, she was the irken who commissioned the creation of the Control Brains.


Empress Talissa was the daughter of Emperor Klassis and his consort, Greetisk. When she was 12 years old, her mother was murdered in a horrible Irken riot. However, Klassis remarried a year later, despite his wife dying recently. 

Empress Talissa was often verbally and emotionally abused by her father. Eventually, when Talissa was 36, she secretly had assassins kill her father, which made her the Empress of Irk. She had many random Irkens convicted for her crimes, and the assassins executed.

After this, Empress Talissa created new, strict laws. This led to riots, however they were quickly stopped.

Soon,Empress Talissa attempted to record the Irken Council's conversations at a space station known as the "SpaceGate". Her record tapes were confiscated and destroyed. This event was known as "The SpaceGate scandal." This event made her disliked by the public, and hated by the council. Several lower Irken Council members attempted to revoke her rank, but were quickly given lashings and brutally beaten.  

Near the end of The Information Age, Empress Talissa commissioned the creation of highly advanced super computers. These would later be known as Control Brains. She also thought of a very basic prototype for PAKs, but they were considered too advanced for technology at the time. 

Eventually,the Irken Council was phased out in favor of the Control Brains. 

Talissa died at the end of The Interstellar Age, due to horrible diseases. 


Empress Tailssa was known to be very power hungry and often paranoid. She also seemed to try to gain as much public approval and possible, but often hid her true personality from the public.

She was also obssessed with control and order over the Empire, this led to her helping with the creation of the Control Brains. It is rumored that she believed in demons and the super natural. She also attempted to record the Irken Council, but had her tapes confiscated. This event was known as "The SpaceGate Scandal".


  • It is rumored that she believed in trans-dimensional beings, and even tried to contact one. 
  • She is based on an old character idea.