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The Emperor

"You have adressed me in such a way. A way which we Irkens now take as insult and that makes you a traitor." -Emperor Xeno to Krenzo

Emperor Xeno was the first Irken Emperor and the inventor of the Irken control brains. Conquered the universe. ==Overview==

Xeno was the first emperor and invented many things, with an astounding I.Q. of 400, he easily conquered the universe. It wasn't until his death after ruling for 500 earth years that the universal forces defeated the Irken Empire and the empire lost everything it had conquered except its own planet.


Xeno is brutal, power hungry, blood thirsty, vicous and sadistic, even for an Irken.

Early Life[]

Little is known of Xeno's early life due to the fact that he destroyed or hid most evidence of his past, the reason for this is unknown.

What is known of it is that he started out as an irken elite and worked his way up. While little is still known it is obvious that he was born on irk. He had ancient psychic abilities and created many things such as the irken control brains, the pak, the voot cruiser, and the smeet containers.


Much of his career was spent taking control of the Irken Empire, as an elite he fought to obtain power and was subsequently banished. However, he later came back and slaughtered the Irken council and took complete control, forming the Irken Empire.


As Emperor much his time was spent taking over planets and converting them into whatever he desired. After the first battle of Meekrob, he decided to instigate the first organic sweep. Unfortunatly, some Meekrob managed to survive and later warned others. During his time as the Emperor, Xeno continued to enslave and destroy many inferior races.

Universal Emperor[]

Xeno later managed to conquer many worlds until his near death at the hands of the first rebellion against the Irken Empire. He survived the attack however, and proceeded to take down the rebellion and conquer the universe.

Later Years[]

After conquering the universe Xeno did little other than cause pain and misery, although he did technologically improve most of the universe.


After about 500 Earth years of ruling the universe Xeno's second-in-command Cheif Advisor Kodos led a bloody coup that lasted for days. After countless lives were lost Xeno used his ultimate weapon: The Ultimate Annihilator . Unfortunatly he

The Ultimate Annihilator

was betrayed and his weapon erased him for reality, ending his rule and the Empires reign over the universe.

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