Emperor Kodos was the second Emperor of the Irken Empire and was also once Chief advisor of Emperor Xeno.

He staged a bloody coup and eventually took over. However, he had to rebuild the empire because his takeover was enough to allow the universal rebellions to overthrow the empire and liberate the universe.
Cheif Advisor Kodos

Emperor Kodos when he was Cheif Advisor

Early LifeEdit

Kodos was born in the Irken Capitol city of Xenoia, There he aspired to become the leader of the Irken race and sought for many years to do so. However, when Xeno became emperor, he decided to wait it out and let Xeno conquer the universe for him and instead decided to rise up through the ranks to become closer to the emperor.


Kodos eventually rose through the ranks and became the Cheif Advisor for the Emperor and under his advice The First Intergalactic War began.

War YearsEdit

During the war, Kodos led the Emperor to cause many conflicts and was once even held hostage by enemy forces.

However as the war drew to a close Kodos began his plan for his coup d'etat.

Taking OverEdit

After the war ended Kodos began his campaign to overthrow the Emperor. The Emperor retaliated by attempting to use The Ultimate Annihilator to destroy Kodos. But Kodos instead caused the U.A. to explode, erasing The Emperor from existance, securing his position as emperor.

Ruling YearsEdit

As Emperor, Kodos reconstructed the Irken military and led a new campaign to conquer the galaxy instead of the universe because he beleived that he could not control the entire universe.


Kodos was killed in the thirtieth battle in the galactic war and this resulted in the failure of this war, undoing the reconstruction of the Irken military.


Kodos was succeded by his son Wark, who would undo the damage done by his father.

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