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Eggplant is an AI that LIR owns.


Eggplant looks like a mass of wires which are used to form legs, hands, or anything else needed. The wires can change color on demand and sometimes according to his mood, and a single wire is used as his "eye" and "head", but any of them can be used. Eggplant can generate an infinite amount of wires at any length, which makes him useful for holding things together. Eggplant is somewhat invincible, but because of his random and usually harmless and innocent personality, he doesn't abuse his power. He does, however, like to use his ability of color-changing and generation to make himself look like other people, or just a random person.


Eggplant is random and bombastic, but also sometimes wise. He often appears at random places, and nobody knows how he gets there. His favorite way of entry is by destroying a speaker. He also often gives people weird and completely nonsensical nicknames such as 'sandy artichoke' or 'hungarian fruit' and 'match'.