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Dyke is an Irken who never made it to the Invader status or the Elite status.


Dyke is of average Irken height, with a slightly tall head with dark green eyes. He wears a Food Service Drone outfit.


Dyke never did very good in military training, and was sent to be a Food Service Drone on Foodcourtia, and to work for a Frylord named Mopf. It was there that he found his true talent: While experimenting with some dough and chocolate and other food, he invented a toaster strudel that he named The Dyke Strudel. After making some and offering it as a side order without telling Frylord Mopf, customers began to ask for more. Eventually, Mopf found out, and, after trying one himself, made it an official side order. Dyke also found a stray and quiet SIR Unit, PALE. When The Tallest came to try one, their stomachs had already been stuffed with donuts, so when they each tried a Dyke Strudel, they threw up, and blamed Dyke. Mopf, who was angry, fired Dyke.

Dyke was hired by another Frylord named Chio, who overrided the controls on Dyke's ship when he left to get supplies, stranding him on Planet Dot Dot Dot. When PALE told Dyke to identify the planet, Dyke ran into his ship, which was still functional but couldn't fly, but when he returned, PALE was gone. Overwhelmed with hunger and loneliness, Dyke died.