Dusq is the Nightmare Irken Control Brain,his true apperance is shrouded in mystery and legend. Most believe him to not even exist. He is described in legends as a dark hurricane like storm with a sphere shaped core in its center, covered in thousands of red pulsating mechanical eyes. It is said that once you enter his storm, you will slowly descend into madness the further you go. Once you reach the center, Dusq is said to stare at the being who dares approach him, causing his eyes to beam pure darkness into their mind, causing them to go completely insane. 

Killing Floor 2 - Menu Music

Killing Floor 2 - Menu Music

Dusq Main Theme


Several Irken invaders have failed to gain intelligence on the Nightmare Irkens and Dusq, and have been killed brutally or lost to corruption. According to old and outdated information from the last Irken to lose his life invading Nightmare Irk, there are a few legends of Dusq's creation.

When a Leviathan crashed into the alternate version of Irk, its Phazon mutated, allowing it to corrupt other planets. This mutated Phazon even altered the Leviathan that carried it, giving it sentience, strength, and a mobile form of its own. Those outsiders who dared enter the dimension called this horrific creature "Dusq". Those who lived to tell the tale described this creature as being "surrounded by a swirling black cloud, with blazing red eyes in the center of the maelstrom"

Its actual form is unknown, but it is capable of assuming the form of any creature known to it. Scientists from the Irken Empire and Galactic Federation alike eventually learned 100 years after the corruption of the entire Utopian Dimension (now called the Nightmare Dimension) that Dusq served as the core of the entire Phazon-infected dimension. Thus, if Dusq was destroyed, the entire Nightmare Dimension would collapse.

Nightmare Meen fused with Dusq against his will in a last ditch effort to save the Nightmare Dimension.


Some people treat Dusq like an extra terrestrial version of hades. He is often described as the "physical form of evil itself" or "the thing that will end the universe". There are even cults and religious socities devoted to him. Although,most who believe that Dusq is an all powerful deity are seen as insane.

Some believe he is a multi dimensional being that is stronger then Satan himself,and will end the universe some day. 

The Prodigal Son Brings Death - Blade Runner - 1982

The Prodigal Son Brings Death - Blade Runner - 1982

Coming Of Dusq Theme


  • Dusq is not his real name. His true name is unknown.
  • Dusq's legends are based off an older version of this article.
  • He is actually the Nightmare Irken Control Brain. However,most believe he doesn't exist at all,or have never heard of him. Only few know that he is actually a Nightmare Control Brain,excluding the Nightmare Irkens themselves.
  • Draxx and Nightmare Lurk are incredibly afraid of him.
  • Despite his usual paranoia,Lurk doubts he exists and views the general concept of him as ridiculous. 
  • Dusq may be somewhat inspired by Sauron from the ​Lord of the rings film series,due to his evil eyes. Dusq might also be heavily inspired by Giygas from Earthbound.
  • Dusq is also similar to The Darkness from the series Fairly Odd Parents,and Unicron from Transformers.
  • Dusq's name is pronounced "D-us-k". A pun on the word Dusk,meaning "the darker stage of twilight."
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