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Dream Dimension
Location Unknown
Physical Laws Extremely different
Status Active
Multiverse Z
Affiliation(s) None
Notable facts Entered through dreams
First appearance Dream Zone

The Dream Dimension is an alternate reality governed by thoughts.

It first appeared in Dream Zone.


The Dream Zone is a pink empty void that can be altered by the mind at will. It can only be accessed with a special sleeping ritual found in the Book of Paranormal Spooky Stuff. Or it can be entered with a rare sleeping powder found in the several unknown dimensions. 

This dimension is in essence, an empty void. However, once any being enters it their memories and thoughts instantly become real. 


Memories in the dream dimension come in the form of gigantic bubbles with miniature worlds inside of them based on the memories. These bubble worlds can be accessed at any time, however memories cannot be altered and anything that enters it from the inside will be invisible to anything or anyone inside the memory. Everything in the memory becomes black and white once you enter it. Anyone from outside a memory world will appear to be able to phase through memory objects.


Once in this dimension any thoughts can become real at will. This makes the dream dimension somewhat dangerous,as some thoughts can be created on accident. However if multiple beings are in the dimension at the same time,their thoughts can conflict with each other. This limits the ability of thoughts somewhat. The only way to use the full capabilities of thoughts in this dimension with multiple people is to have them will the same thoughts into existence together. 

Use of the Fourth Dimension[]

The Dream Dimension seems to be somewhat fourth dimensional,allowing time travel to be possible. However due to the nature of time travel any changes in the past will create alternate timelines.