Irken Scientist Dr. Finitevus

Finitevus as he currently looks

Dr. Finitevus is a corrupted Irken scientist and leader of the One Order, a group dedicated to reviving the One Being. He is not to be confused with a Nightmare Irken

Apearence Edit

Finitevus is an albino Irken with red and black eyes, a ceremonial cape, bandages, and strange markings on his skin.

He wears his old lab coat and strange rings that he invented called warp rings which allow him to instantly teleport to any location in the universe and other universes.


While his history before becoming a scientist is unknown, what is known is that he became a scientist studying Chaos Energy: mutated energies serving as residue from the One Being's existence. During one of his many experiments, he was blasted with raw chaos energy and was physically and mentally mutated on a shocking scale.

He now seeks to revive the One Being and destroy the Omniverse.


Finitevus has power over a form of dark chaos energy, and can manipulate it at will. He also has a staggring intellect and even a mastery of dark magic and psychokinesis, telepathy, pyrokenesis, etc.

Warp RingsEdit

Warp rings were invented by Finitevus for the purpose of instant travel and are controlled by the mind. They can be super charged to take him to alternate universes and realms. They were created using dark chaos energy and dark magic.


Finitevus is cruel, sadistic, and hates all life. He beleives that life is corrupt and needs to be wiped out in order to be reborn, even if it means he dies too.


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