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Dotians are the most noticeable inhabitants of Planet Dot Dot Dot.

A mechanized Dotian from Nightmare Clod's army


Dotians are fish-like creatures that stand up on two fin-legs. They posess the ability to always know when they're being watched, no matter what, as well as the ability to fire billions of volts of electricty from their mouth, to fry enemies and power things. To most creatures, Dotians are dull-witted, and just stand there passing around pointless messages like "So.." and "Um.." or just "...".

This alone frustrates or simply terrifies anyone near them. However, some visitors of Planet Dot Dot Dot have reported Dotians stalking them or simply staring at them. Unknown by nearly every creature in existence, Dotians are very intelligent, and consider calculators the best gift ever. They speak in a rapid, buzzy, and pulsating language that is very complex. They hate the color blue, but steal everything that's pink or purple. Dotians have no civilazation, simply because they don't feel the need for shelter, due to being on the top of the food chain. However, they do often make temporary shelters out of sticks and other on-the-ground materials, much like wild animals.

Researchers, upon one of the very few succesful tests, discovered that Dotians are likely at the top of the food chain for Planet Dot Dot Dot. After about five frustrating hours of the Dotians simply staring at the camera, a small creature appeared on the screen, one of the Dotians brutally attacking it and proceeding to consume it. This happened twice during the observation time. 

Near exctinction[]

After the Meekrob set up a base on Planet Dot Dot Dot, they slowly began mechanizing random dotians and containing them in the base, lowering the population. The destruction of a small sun oribitng Dot Dot Dot caused them to lose their main food source, forcing them to resort to eating grass and other ground objects.


Revealed in A Dark Apotheosis (Part 1) ,the remaining dotians were enslaved by the Nightmare Irken army and transformed into cyborg slave soldiers. Some of them have been genetically modified into mindless beasts and are let loose on the enemy. 

Trivia Of Doom[]

  • Odd speculation exists that they are plant-hybrids, given their uncanny ability to absorb sun energy.


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