The Domination of Bryyo
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Invader Meen

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When the Almighty Tallest had been informed of strange activities happening on the planet Bryyo, they sent the newly promoted Admiral Invader Meen to investigate. Invader Meen had set up a base of operations on the planet, and was reporting in to the Tallest when Samus Aran broke into the base. Thankfully, Meen's SIR Unit, BLUR, was fully functional at the time, and they were able to capture Samus Aran.

Meen released her after discovering that she represented the Galactic Federation (due to a peace treaty between the Irken Empire and the Galactic Federation), but he first was able to get schematics for her Power Suit. He then designed a Power Suit that could fit inside his PAK and fold out when needed.

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