Dyxkho are a technologically advanced race led by PALE, a rogue SIR unit. They are referred to by most creatures as Skaaxis.


Dyxkho have two digitigrade legs like the hind legs of a dog, two arms tipped with three-clawed hands, three-toed clawed feet, beady black eyes with a tongue that works like a snake's, and are reptilian in appearance. They have natural heat vision as well, and they speak in hisses and snarls.


The Dyxkho are a technologically advanced race that has managed to hide for more than sixty million years in invisible space stations the size of stars. Gathering technology from other races, they gained lots of knowledge about weaponry and are able to perform seemingly impossible tasks.  They invented hardlight-cushion missiles, as well as other weapons and alternative propulsion systems. Under the command of PALE, they became more organized. These are their spaceship types:

Fighter - Dyxkho fighters are streamlined and utilize hardlight weaponry, and are powered with repulsors.

Boarding Ship - Boarding Ships are large, pyramid-shaped ships with four thick legs that are used to walk on planets.

Grasper - Graspers are very big in comparison to the aformentioned ships. The cockpit is basically a large, flat disk. Spreading from the disk are four arms tipped with two-fingered metal hands that manipulate gravity in order to grasp a hiding foe and yank it into view.

The Incinerator - The Incinerator is the Dyxkho flagship that is shaped like a raindrop. It has a large antimatter cannon in the center of it. This cannon can be used to incinerate entire ships, hence how the Incinerator got its name.

In addition to space warfare, the Dyxkho are also adept at fighting on land and water. These are examples of on-planet technology:

Hardlight Machinery - Hardlight bots use hardlight projected inside hollow armor and parts to assemble on the spot and move. To an observer, it would look like the pieces of armor and parts float into position. This makes them very portable, with the added advantage of being able to quickly dissasemble in order to avoid an incoming projectile. They can be remotely controlled or automate on super-advanced AIs.

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