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Ding  is a retired reconnaissance soldier that is now a wanted criminal.


His life was normal at first, he went through training. He then became a recon soldier for the Irken Empire, and was sent to earth to discover what little significant things the humans were hiding. He succeeded, however, he returned with a serious psychological disorder, explained in his behavior section. During an interrogation, Ding  jabbed his PAK with an active wire, somewhat restoring his ability to do basic functions. However, he completely destroyed the ability to distinguish between a living thing and a slice of bread, so he electrocuted his interrogator with the wire, which effectively killed him, ate him whole and then regurgitated him. He then re-routed his suit so that the electricity would discharge at his hands rather than his feet. He burst out of his containment cell, charred, ate, and regurgitated everyone in the building, and then escaped. He currently roams the universe, carrying out his duty wherever he can.


Ding's behavior can be best described as he thinks he is a toaster with the ability to speak. He constantly gorges on bread (or whoever he kills)  and regurgitates it, and plugs active electrical wires directly onto himself without thinking that he could get electrocuted. It was in this manner that he nearly fried his PAK immediately after returning from his mission, encouraging others to make him a grounding suit. Often times, he is completely sane, other times, he is terrifying. He does not enjoy killing, but he thinks he is doing what he is made for: Making toast. Since he can't distinguish a living thing from a slice of bread, he often makes deadly mistakes.


Ding is an Irken, average height, with dusty blue eyes. He wears what can be described as a "grounding suit", which is a tinfoil-ish suit with boots that automatically glue themselves to the nearest solid surface whenever Ding tries to "power himself". Now, he uses them for navigation purposes as well as for grounding. He is capable of controlling where his boots land now, and he uses them for navigation in zero gravity and other situations such as walking on ceilings.


Ding's most prominent ability is that he can discharge massive amounts of electricity out of his hands. He uses this as a weapon. He can also redirect any form of electricity thrown at him back out of his hands, as well as sap the electricity out of anything that produces it. If someone were to touch him, they would get fried instantly, as they are not grounded properly.