Irken Empire Wiki

Dead World,Death dimension

Planet PhoZin

Location Near Z-14
Physical Laws Radically Different
Status Active
Multiverse Z
Affiliation(s) The Grim Reaper
Notable facts Barren and lifeless
First appearance None

The Death Dimension is a barren lifeless pocket dimension. It was created by Zglorb'gglorfn'noogin'blogaughxinxorp for the Grim Reaper to live in. It is the home of the Grim Reaper and former heralds of several ancient god-like beings.

Planet PhoZin[]

Planet PhoZin is the planet the Grim reaper's house and throne is on, it's covered in a thick light purple atmosphere. The surface is a barren wasteland filled with deserts with pale purple sand. There are a few undead skeleton beasts on this planet however. 

Planet Phozin beach.jpg

The upper atmosphere of Phozin

Planet PhoZin's orbit[]

Planet PhoZin seems to orbit three stars. Two of them are a purple giant star and a red giant star. The third one is a white dwarf. Despite this the three star's heat doesnt affect the planet at all. An entire day on PhoZin lasts 3 Earth days, along with it's nights. 


  • Originally this dimension was a horrible rift filled nightmare world home to horrifying creatures, but this idea was scrapped.
  • The Grim Reaper invites eldritch abominations to PhoZin often for parties. 
  • There is a portal hidden somewhere in this dimension that the Grim Reaper uses to cross over to Hell.