"That masked man. It's Antonio. We finally know what happened to Antonio. Zim. Tak. Antonio is a traitor. He's joined sides with the Nightmare Irkens." -Invader Vis

Day of the Rebellion
General Information
Previous Event

Irken Royal Weeding Ceremony

Next Event

Fight For Denta

Time it happened

Day of Invader Vis' wedding

Characters Invovled

Emperor Vis, Princess Zara, Zim, Tak, Nightmare Tak, Antonio, Vax, Gymopho.

Where It Took Place



This is the battle that introduced the Irken Rebellion.


In the begining, Vis has just had his wedding. A masked man had implanted bombs in the bridge.


Vis, his bride, Vax, and Zara were saved by two Irkens who revealed themselves to be Zim and Tak. The Masked Man, Nightmare Tak, and the rest of the rebellion (Or coup) escaped and went to Planet Denta.

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