Darrz was a normal irken, graduating at the average age a smeet would. He decided to join the Irken Military feeling that he would soon be a good courageous soldier, and possibly some day, a general or even an invader. 

Until one day he came in contact with a dangerous substance in Lurk's base. His mind became fragmented and damaged, he soon lost his intelligence and common sense. Soon Darrz became a moron and was seen by his peers as an idiot. Worst of all, his only "friends" dont even realize how fragmented and torn apart his mind is, leaving him in this state for what could be forever. Ever since then it has remained this way.

Near death and missing in actionEdit

In Dependance Day,Darrz was eaten by Zirus,a dark magic version of Zeerk. After Zirus exploded on planet Vertec,Darrz had been almost completed digested by Zirus,but the dark magic revived him. This caused Darrz to become a sentient puddle of black slimey vomit. He was found by Lurk and Mario in Sisters and Brothers from beyond this ill fated Reality,and Lurk revived him by letting Kurl(Genderbent Lurk) use a light magic spell from her "Book of Spooky Paranormal Stuff and Stupid Light Magic".


Darrz is curious and looking for adventure. He can also be very observant.Sometimes his curosity gets him into trouble,usually by wandering off or going into restricted areas. Darrz can be quite impatient as well. At times,Darrz is very clumsy,tripping over things or breaking fragile stuff. Darrz also has a strange fear of flying insects. He also strives to be a great irken someday and just like his "mentor",Jib.

However,after coming in contact with a strange liquid in Lurk's abandonded base(and suffering a few bad head/PAK injuries in battle),Darrz' traits seem to have been "flanderized",causing Darrz to be incredibly stupid and clueless,also making him incredibly clumsy and annoying. He also seemed to have become so obsessed with becoming smarter and being a great Irken,to the point of causing explosions to "observe the results",tampering with dangerous machinery,and being unaturally obsessed with becoming smarter. 

After a minor head injury in Dependance Day,he temporarily reverted back. Athough,this did not last long,due to his constant harm while on Elite duty,and other injuries caused by his adventures with his friends.  Almost everyone is completely unaware of his physiological changes and mental damage,the exception being Eggerz.

Darrz can also occasionally be quite polite to people. However,sometimes he go too far,resulting in him often annoying people around him. 


  • Zik-Darrz thinks he's pretty cool. They don't interact very much.
  • Menami -Darrz sees her as a friend,and will protect her from danger. He also thinks she's "purty".
  • Lurk -Darrz sees him as an insane maniac and usually sees him as a minor threat. However,he's very willing to learn more about the Multiverse,so he usually tries to not get on his bad side.
  • Zav-Darrz seems him as his best friend. Although,Zav literally hates Darrz,and Darrz usually gets on his last nerve. Darrz usually pokes Zav and constantly annoys him,he is oblivious to Zav's hatred.
  • Mario -Darrz sees him as "the awesome block man PERSON" and often talks with him,Darrz seems to annoy him as well though.
  • Jib-Darrz sees him as someone he can look up to. Often,Darrz visits his base to learn from him,most of the time he ends up horribly damaging Jib's machinery. After Jib went missing,he seems to miss him.
  • Vex-Sees him as a genius and wants to learn about machinery from him. However,they haven't met.
  • Draxx-Sees him as completely insane,but Darrz usually ignores this.
  • Eggerz-Seeing him as a best friend and is completely oblivious to his attempts to murder him. This makes Darrz incredibly easy to manipulate. However,Darrz usually foils his plans on accident.
  • Averii-Looks up him and strives to make him proud whenever he is around. Although,his attempts to impress Averii usually end in failure or horrible misfortune. Darrz is somewhat intimidated by him,calling him "grumpy sometimes."


Darrz wears a standard red and grey elite uniform. Darrz has zig zag antennae. He also has green eyes.


  • Darrz has the tendancy to become stuck to the outside of a hoverbus,which usually concidentally has his friends in it. 
  • Darrz sometimes eats food off the floor,or things he mistakes as "food".
  • Darrz seems to not have gone through Irken puberty,causing him to have a very high pitched,childish voice. He also tends to be immature at times.
  • Darrz' curosity can get him into danger or trouble.
  • He sometimes unintentionally skips out on his elite duties,but is usually barely punished.  
  • His mental damage seems to be getting worse,and is causing him to show a few signs of physcopathy and sadisim. 
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