Daravana (known as Nightmare Vax in Z-14) is the nightmare counterpart of Irken Scientist Vax.

Appearance Edit

Daravana has pale green skin, antennae that go down onto his face, no eyes (he sees through his antennae), claws, a ripped up scientist uniform, fangs, and spikes where his PAK should be. These spikes can launch out like porcupine quills in battle.

Personality Edit

Daravana is completely mindless, killing any creature he encounters, and only speaks in tongues. He does not like other Nightmare Irkens, and will even try to kill them when he encounters them.

History Edit

Daravana was born a year after his counterpart, for he had been trapped in his tube in that time, and when they finally hatched him, they noticed something had gone horribly wrong. Something had happened to Vax which had fused Daravana's nightmare DNA to another really powerful force of evil, turning him into a mindless, walking horror. Daravana was kept in a lab on Nightmare Vort, where he was studied. He soon escaped, and found a portal to Z-14, where he hid in the Himalayas on the planet Earth, killing mountain climbers and feeding on the wildlife there.

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