Dandruff is a defective Irken.


Dandruff has more circular eyes than other Irkens. His eyes are brown. He is of average Irken height. He wears a dusty Irken military uniform, although nobody knows how he got it.


Dandruff is defective only because he acts a lot like a cat, meowing and chasing balls of yarn. He also coughs up random hairballs. He rarely says anything comprehensible, and likes to eat anything that's been in the water. When he is bored, he chews on things and destroys furniture, which often gets him into trouble. However, if he is given a cardboard box, he will play with it a lot. Nobody knows why he hasn't been put into the Loony Bin. Oddly, he walks on all fours, and is very agile and quiet when he needs to be. He lacks any form of etiquette, and sometimes licks carpets and other random objects annoyingly. He also has a tendency to randomly appear from storage crates. He also likes to play with onions.


Dandruff has a small spaceship that reads his thoughts. It is silver and completely featureless. When told to by Dandruff's brain, a portion of the ship slides inward to allow access. Nobody knows how it's powered, as whenever someone tries to study his spaceship, Dandruff hisses and defends it. It's basic shape is like a football, or a slightly squashed sphere.


Jib- Jib is the first known Irken to see Dandruff, who he found in his spaceship. As such, Dandruff has taken a liking to Jib.

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