The Daleks are the Irkens' most feared enemy to date. The Daleks are a genocidal race of mutant cyborgs created from a war that lasted a thousand years on their home planet of Skaro. The Daleks are extremely technologically advanced, rivaling even the Time Lords of Gallifrey at the height of their empire; as such, Dalek technology far exceeds that of the Irkens, with even the most basic Dalek vessel being more than a match for the flagship of the Irken Empire, the Massive.

The Daleks are unbelievably hostile towards other creatures, considering any creatures other than "pure" Daleks to be inferior and deserving nothing but annihilation.

The Irkens find the Daleks to be absolutely terrifying because of this, much as most races that encounter them do. However, because the Irkens pose such a small threat to the Daleks' enormous empire, if one could even call them a threat, the Daleks have yet to direct their full attention towards them, as they are constantly being marred by an odd individual who seems to yield great power known only as 'the Doctor'. Details on the latter are scarce, but it is known that if it weren't for him, her, or it, then the Daleks would likely have already wiped out every other technological civilization active in the multiverse.

Dalek Insides

The Insides of a Dalek.

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