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After three months of being in a lifeless coma, thanks to an attack by Nightmare Meen, Dakama has returned to the world of the living. With the help of Zim, Dakama's body was able to be recreated, but several traits, both physically and personality wise, were changed.


Unlike her old sarcastic and melancholy personality, Dakama is much more of a " cool, role model" type of person, with an affinity for weaponry.


Dakama now has short, black hair, her scars have disappeared, but her right eye was too damaged, so it has bandages over it. Her outfit is all black, but she has gloves now and instead of the typical Irken styled boots, she wears combat.

Trying my hand at Invader Zim style


Instead of a PAK, Dakama has a PAK-like article implanted in her right arm. This device can become a battle suit, and is a convinient cup holder. It can also become a large bazooka for mass destruction.

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