Conveyor belt planet

Conveyor Belt Planet

The Conveyor Belt Planet is an Irken-Conquered world, home to the species now known as the Screwheads The planet is now covered in enormous conveyor belts, engulfing its surface and atmosphere completely. There are four warp gates surrounding the planet, used to deliver packages to worlds far away.

Aside from the Screwheads, the only inhabitants of the planet are Irken slave drivers.


Alr smikka

Smikka Smikka Smoodoo, a screwhead

The world is currently inhabited by a race known only as the 'Screwheads'. Those seen give an image of a short alien race, shorter, even, than the average Irken. Their eyes are similar in appearance to an Irken's despite color and size differences, and they seem to come primarily in shades of yellow. Their uniforms as slaves consist of a belt with a loin cloth attached, supplemented by neck collars (likely for monitoring and tracking). The screws in their heads are implants, worn to make the screw heads focused on their jobs and, generally, not on their horrible slave conditions
Smika Smika Smoodoo

Smikka Smikka Smoodoo plotting to rebel.

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