Conventia is the Irken Empire's convention hall planet. It is a light shaded pink and purple

Planet Conventia


The docking ring teleporters in action


The surface of Conventia


The Armada arrives at Conventia.

colored world and has an entirely artifical docking ring around it that can accommodate any Irken ship and can teleport any Irkens from their ship to the planet's surface. It is highly advised to remember where you parked as finding your ship can be time consuming. The name Conventia was likely given by the Irkens after conquering the planet. Nothing is known about the planet's past indigenous lifeforms. They are believed to be completely extinct, possibly due to war with the Irkens. The surface of Conventia seems to be covered in metropolises. Its sky is pink like Irk's sky. Conventia was likely made an addition to the Irken Empire before Operation Impending Doom 1. The planet hosted the Great Assigning for Operation Impending Doom 2; for the Irkens' latest military campaign for galactic conquest. Planet Blorch is probably the nearest habitable planet to Conventia in the Irken Empire.
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