Commander Rees is an Irken Elite in command of a legion of Heavy Elite troopers. She wields a huge Gatling gun, and is not shy to mow down anything in her path.


Rees is average height, with light blue eyes and PAK spots, curled antennae, and a blue Irken Elite uniform. She does not wear gloves, and has a number of grenades, land mines, ballistic knives, and other weapons concealed in her suit's pockets. She has a large Gatling gun that can be mounted on her PAK for convenient use.


Rees doesn't have a great sense of humor, nor a lot of patience. She often finds a way around a problem, even if she has to break a few rules. This attribute has advanced her abilities in combat, and haven risen to the rank of Commander, she can now make her own rules that can best increase the productivity of her team. Rees is certainly not shy, and will not hesitate to kill or incapacitate an enemy soldier. However, she does know her place, and will not argue with her superiors, save for a few invaders she knows well.


  • Invader Vex- Rees appreciates the specialized weapons that are provided to her squad by Vex, but never really understands how he makes the things he does. They are friends.
  • Commander Thresh- Thresh and Rees are good friends. They trained together, and have served side by side in the War of 100 Years. Rees looks up to Thresh as a more experienced soldier. In Rees's book, experience outranks everything.
  • Irken Elite Sev- Sev has been in Rees's legion ever since it first came into being. The two have seen many good troops come and go, and work together on almost every operation. They are good friends.
  • Irken Elite Crux- Rees wanted Crux for her legion, but when he turned down her offer in favor of continuing service in Thresh's legion, Rees was slightly offended. They get along fine, but are not friends.
  • Invader Vax- Rees and Vax get along fine, but are not great friends. Rees thinks that Vax is a bit arrogant. Nevertheless, they did team up on an important mission, and succeeded quickly.
  • Irken Elite Zag- Rees is glad to have Zag in her squad, but occasionally gets annoyed by his arrogance. In the long run, though, his arrogance is well justified.
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