The imperialistic Clorxian race is a dreaded race of blue humanoids and head of the Clorxian Empire. They are one of the Irken Empire's greatest allies. They are from the planet Clorx.



Clorxians have blue skin, white eyes, blue tongues, very thin limbs, (which are good for running) and adults are usually about the height of an average Irken. Baby Clorxians are about the height of an Irken smeet.

Life CycleEdit

The average Clorxian can live up to 900 years. If a Clorxian is really unhealthy, then he or she will live up to only 800 years.

Organs and Internal FunctionsEdit

Clorxians have three super organs which they run on. The splazatoch, the florzocatch, and the plizagont. Though they do have hearts, brains, and lungs. The splazatoch does the functions of the upper human organs. The florzocatch does the functions of the middle organs of the human body. The pilzagont does the work of the lower human organs. Clorxians have blue blood. Of course, their flesh is blue.

Outer FunctionsEdit

Clorxians have eyes and mouths. Like Irkens, their lower body is blank. They have no ears, but instead have a tiny hole on each side of their head. These may be tiny, but they can hear more than human ears can.



Soldier is the first rank in the Clorxian military. They carry plasma rifles. They have blue uniforms with the Clorxian symbol on them. They have grey helmets with glass covers in the face.


The Elites have grey, electronic looking uniforms, black helmets wich cover the face, the cover of the helmet looks like a red eyed gas mask, and they have grey claws to cover the hands.


Captains have grey and white suits and gas masks. These suits are fire proof. Captains do what Captains do. They have control over groups of Soldiers or Elites.


The Pilots are the Pilots of ships and other vehicles.


The Scientists are the mighty inventors. It takes much to get to this rank.


Commanders have white and blue suits with gas masks. They have control over all previous ranks.

Death TrooperEdit

Death Troopers have green and black suoper suits. They are the most powerful soldiers.


Generals have green and white suits with gas masks. They are the mighty Generals.


The Admirals have blue and black suits wich have a patern that makes them look like blue flames. They are the all powerful Admirals.

Noteable ClorxiansEdit

  • Emperor Maximum
  • Empress Rihnaria
  • Metro
  • Matrid
  • Pibinpapsalopsacodomince
  • Vastran
  • Lortrom
  • Ultrin
  • Teeshan
  • Lidstrds
  • Ecnimodocspolaspapnibip
  • Ltang
  • Yarvarx
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