Clarenclovert is a Vortian who is still in alliance with the Irken Empire. He still often helps the Empire willingly. He has set a base on Earth where he helps the Invaders stationed there. Mainly Invader Vax. His human disguise is an opera singer. To make himself appear as a more normal one, he actually does sing opera. It's kind of his hobby. He was always facinated by the Irken race.


He is very kind and smart. He often is serious, too. He likes helping the Empire and singing opera.


He has grey skin, a head similar to Prisoner 777's, green eyes, horns like Lard Nar's, and a Vortian scientist uniform. He is basically Prisoner 777 with Lard Nar's horns, green eyes and a Vortian scientist uniform. His human disguise is a man with brown hair, a brown mustache, a black top hat, a white shirt, a black tail coat, and blue eyes.

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