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Chock is an Irken who's Xisenin's arch nemisis.


Chock is quite tall for an Irken, and, using his long arms, could reach up to the higher shelves of the store he worked in. He had light green eyes and dark green skin, and wore an outfit when he worked for the store. Nowadays, he wears a red mask over his face and a black jumpsuit.


For the most part, his life was normal, working in a store on Irk. That is, until some strange force knocked all of the cans off of the shelves, beat him up, and threw him into the sky, when he came back down hours later and suffered a slight brain injury. He somehow knew who did it: Xisenin. He then swore to find a way to destroy him, and if he can't do that, annoy the heck out of him.

Facts Of Doom[]

  • None of the characters actually know Chock's real name or identity, as he never mentions it.