Chae is the planet assigned to Invader Koonge, and is a part of the Kantys Galax system.

Characteristics Edit

Chae is a hot planet with orange ground. The inhabitants, Chations, have developed an immunity to that fact. It has seven unnamed moons. The variation of rain they have is a light acid that, while painful, is not damaging. The plants are all of a dark brown color, and twist at odd angles to provide shelter.

Planet History Edit

It was the first planet of the six in Kantys Galax to be formed, and is over five trillion years old. The fist life forms came three billion years after the world was created. The only remaining ones are the plants.

Life Forms Edit

Chations - Brown and green creatures that resemble humanoid shrubs.

Plants - Twisted, dark brown trees without leaves that come in various sizes.

Chatai - The original life on the planet. They look like light grey leaves, but are able to move.

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